Frequently Asked Questions

How does Inscribable provide exotic sats to creators for free?

Inscribable has a partnership with sat hunters which allow us to offer exotic sats to creators, ensuring a seamless launch experience.

How does Inscribable stay profitable while providing exotic sats to creators at zero cost?

Inscribable charges a service fee to the users, who pay the fees and inscribe on special sats in real time.

Is there a catch or hidden fees involved in launching a collection?

No, there are no hidden costs. Inscribable Launchpad is entirely free for creators. We believe in supporting the creator without imposing financial burdens.

Can I launch any type of project on Inscribable Launchpad?

Yes, Inscribable Launchpad is designed to accommodate a variety of project categories, from art collections to innovative concepts. As long as it aligns with our community guidelines, you can launch with us.

What support do you offer during the launch process?

We provide, marketing support on our social channels, developer support during mint, including guides, FAQs, and responsive customer support. You can contact us on discord for additional assistance and insights.