Launch Collections on exotic sats at zero cost!

Democratizing the rare sats experience, empowering creators to Launch collections on rare sats at zero cost.

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Inscribe your collection
on exotic sats at zero cost

Inscribable empowers creators to launch their collections on exotic sats at zero cost, we provide the sats and users pay the fees to inscribe in real-time.


Create Inscriptions
on random and exotic sats.

Inscribable enables users inscribe users inscribe files, BRC20 tokens and .Sats domain names on random and exotic sats.

  • File
  • BRC 20
  • Text
  • .sats

Choose from a variety of
Launch templates

We present unique options of templates and creator tools for a seamless launch, according to their goals and preferences.


Claim exclusive
Rewards with scribe points

Inscribable's reward system allows users to earn points for activities. These points unlock exclusive benefits, including merchandise, free inscription, whitelist spots, cash rewards, and rare sats rewards, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Inscribable provide exotic sats to creators for free?

Inscribable has a partnership with sat hunters which allow us to offer exotic sats to creators, ensuring a seamless launch experience.

How does Inscribable stay profitable while providing exotic sats to creators at zero cost?

Inscribable charges a service fee to the users, who pay the fees and inscribe on special sats in real time.

Is there a catch or hidden fees involved in launching a collection?

No, there are no hidden costs. Inscribable Launchpad is entirely free for creators. We believe in supporting the creator without imposing financial burdens.